Auto policies created for a special audience for insurance

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When it comes to choosing insurance, it is not enough to choose the one that “likes a little” or “is almost what I was looking for.” It is about your protection and therefore it is worth betting on that policy that offers the services you are waiting for.

That is why different insurers have chosen to take out special policies, aimed at certain types of users. These are examples:

Policy for parents:

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The main benefit of this policy is that it allows parents to know via GPC where the vehicle in which their children are transported (when they are taken in a private car to school or another place) and to know, in addition to the location, driving history, routes, etc. It also brings civil liability coverage for damages to third parties, material damage to the vehicle, among others.

Policy for women: The main advantages are the coverage of the family basket and school fees in case the insured becomes disabled or dies. It also covers the costs of cosmetic surgeries that must be performed because of an accident.

Policy for taxi owners: It allows to protect the insured’s work tool and covers both damages that the vehicle may suffer as well as those suffered by passengers on board, it also offers road assistance. It is a condition that the vehicle has GPS.

Roadside assistance policy:

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For those who do not want to cover the damage to the vehicle but have the roadside assistance service to be helped in case of forgetting the keys, puncturing a tire, among others. This policy offers just that kind of assistance but without any other type of coverage, except for damages to third parties.

These policies are “special products”, aimed at certain users with special needs. If none of these apply to your profile, it does not mean that you should not insure your car, but that you must compare all the insurances (since there are many more besides these) and just choose one there. To do this, you can use tools such as online comparators, which save you time and therefore money.


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