Meet the Mini Credit with ASNEF

The mini-credits with ASNEF are one of the most sought after financial products by many interested in obtaining financing. Its success, which has increased in recent years, is due both to the difficulties of obtaining timely financing in traditional banking and to the advantageous characteristics of mini-loans.

In any case, it is worth defining the minicrédito and ASNEF concepts. In this way, it will be easier to understand the popularity of mini-credits with ASNEF.


What do we understand as a mini-credit?

What do we understand as a mini-credit?

First, as its name indicates, we note that a mini-credit is a financial product characterized by its small amount. An amount that, broadly speaking, we can confirm that it does not exceed 600 euros.

As an intermediary entity between the borrowers and lenders, we have verified the existence of a growing demand for mini-credits. The minicréditos exist since, centuries ago, began to offer the service of lending money in exchange for their return with interest. His hallmark, as we have mentioned, was its smaller amount, compared to other credits that were provided.

In addition, we add that the current mini-credits must be returned within a month.


Why have these financial products gone to more?

Credits to Make your Home More Efficient

However, it does not escape us that the economic crisis that began in 2008 was a turning point in its growth. In fact, in 2013 they managed to monopolize high market shares, such as those that had not previously reached. What was the reason for this success? Basically, the complications that many regular users of traditional banking found to access the financing they needed.

The structural economic crisis indicated had meant that, in exchange for the political rescue, the banks had to comply with strict adjustment measures. Conventional banking was, at that time, more concerned about increasing its liquidity levels than lending money on credit. The rigors of the intervention implied an increase, in order to avoid that the defaults of the returns, of the rigidity of the loans, were not reproduced.

To guarantee that the borrowed money could be returned, the requirement of the requested requirements was doubled to the customers of the banks. The most outstanding were the accreditations of a guarantee and a payroll. However, they were not the only guarantees that were going to be requested. Among them, we highlight the one that occupies us in this text: the absence of censuses of ASNEF.


Mini-loans with ASNEF as solutions to financing difficulties

Credits to Make your Home More Efficient

The mini-loan with ASNEF, without a doubt, supposes the alternative that allows you to avoid the complications that the situations that we have enunciated above imply. Logically, all of them can be solved through procedures that are in your hands. From paying your debts to request, by virtue of what is established in the European Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD), the rectification or cancellation of your personal data.

However, sometimes you need money urgently and you can not afford to invest time in these efforts. You need the money already and the intermediation that we carry out with the alternative online banking is convenient for you.

In short, the mini-credits with ASNEF mean that, if you credit a correct bank data (regular income) and personal information, being in that census will not prevent you from accessing the financing you want.

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