Purposes for 2019: save energy | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes

Have you already prepared your list of New Year’s resolutions ? We tend to add tasks related to our health and well-being, such as quitting smoking, starting the gym, reading more books, taking out the pending English degree … What if this year we put it in a more global way and look further? From Good Finance, a leading microcredit company in the Spanish market, we propose this year to save energy, a purpose as positive as necessary, both for our pockets and for the common good of the planet.

Do we add it to the list?

Each Spanish household spends, on average, about 990 euros in electricity each year. More than half of that amount (546 euros) goes into appliances , especially in the refrigerator, whose use accounts for 30% of the annual bill. The key is efficiency. According to the figures managed by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving ( IDAE ), an A +++ model, the highest energy efficiency class on the market, can consume 80% less than a class D.

With the use of this model of household appliances

With the use of this model of household appliances

There is less pollution and less emissions of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ), one of the main gases involved in climate change. Throughout its useful life, a refrigerator of class A +++ will emit a ton and a half less of CO2 and save more than one thousand euros than one of class D.

Although the initial investment is higher


Investing money in more efficient appliances is a success in the short and long term, for the continuous savings that it entails and for the good that is done to the environment. If you are thinking of changing the fridge or any other appliance in your home, do not let the budget be a burden.

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