A meadow near Hereford could be turned into a nature reserve


A meadow near Hereford could be turned into a new nature reserve, with a wildlife trust talking about the site’s significance.

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust has revealed plans to buy the 14-acre site near Woolhope, and it wants to make the most of the “wildlife-rich landscape” areas.

But the trust still has to raise the £ 200,000 to buy Garlic Meadow, which is in the Woolhope Dome.

The trust said that while the site is already rich in many species of wildflowers, it wants to restore the site as a traditional hay meadow that will allow wildflowers to flourish with bees and butterflies.

The Trust said that if it buys the site it will ensure it remains protected for wildlife in the future.

Andrew Nixon, Senior Director of Conservation at Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “This is such an exciting opportunity to create a new nature reserve for the benefit of our county’s wonderful wildlife and one that can also be enjoyed by wildlife lovers. wildlife.

“You can see many beautiful wildflowers here associated with traditional meadows – yellow rattle, bedstraw and couscous – but Garlic Meadow is quite special as it contains areas of wet meadows that are home to much rarer species such as the beautifully named sneezewort, bog chickweed and flixweed.

“The Woolhope Dome is a special area for wildlife in Herefordshire with its mosaic of woods, meadows and orchards and we must do all we can to ensure that its treasures are protected.

“Restoring Ail Meadow as a nature reserve would be another step in the right direction. ”

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust hopes to raise £ 200,000 to purchase and restore the site.


Chris B. Hall

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