East Grinstead grassland and woodland restoration plan raises heavy truck concerns


Standen Tip, on Evergreen Farm, East Grinstead, was closed in the early 1990s and turned into rough pasture.

Today, candidate Chirs Pearce intends to spend two years importing over 190,000 tonnes of inert clay and soil scraps, turning the site into a mix of native hardwood forests and native grassy prairies.

The plans will be reviewed at a meeting of the Planning and Rights of Way Committee on Tuesday, September 7.

This will not be the first time that the committee has considered the request.

It was postponed to June to allow Pearce to reconsider the amount of equipment offered as well as the impact on road safety and traffic management.

The original idea was to import the soil in 80 weeks using 31 daily truck deliveries, including Saturdays.

A report to the committee said: “The requester has proposed amendments to remove work on Saturdays and import material over a longer period of time.

“This would translate into less daily heavy truck trips but would increase the total time to undertake the development, including for the gradual restoration of the site. “

If the request is approved, the work will take 104 weeks instead of 80, and there will be 25 deliveries per day instead of 31.

The idea of ​​heavy goods vehicles to and from the site – old schools and nurseries – was the main concern raised in more than 240 objections sent to the council.

One opponent wrote: “East Grinstead’s infrastructure is already grappling with traffic. The roads are too congested, speed is also an issue, and frankly adding trucks at this level is at best a waiting accident, at worst a reason not to approach East Grinstead any further.

To view the full application, log in to westsussex.planning-register.co.uk and search for WSCC / 004/20.


Chris B. Hall

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