Huge amounts of rubbish left in Port Meadow in Oxford

An Oxford resident has blasted the amount of rubbish left at a beauty spot in Oxford.

Kate Tadman-Mourby, who works at Oxford University Press, shared images of litter left in Port Meadow with the Oxford Mail.

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Photo: Kate Tadman-Mourby

Ms Tadman-Mourby said ‘there is no excuse for this behaviour’.

The images show plastic bottles, bags, cans and packets of crisps left on the grass and in the water in the meadow.

Oxford Mail: Photo: Kate Tadman-MourbyPhoto: Kate Tadman-Mourby

Ms Tadman-Mourby noted that because the bottles all appear to be carbonated drinks, the people who left the litter could be either “pretty young” or teetotalers.

This is not the first time the litter issue has come up in Oxfordshire.

Oxford Mail: Photo: Kate Tadman-MourbyPhoto: Kate Tadman-Mourby

In March, a volunteer waste picker described the amount of rubbish and fly-tipping near a Tesco store in Bicester as “appalling”.

Jamie Jessett, who leads the volunteer group Bicester Litter Pickers, took photos of the ‘horrendous’ amounts of litter located between the Tesco Superstore and McDonalds on Lakeview Drive to document the problem. Read more about it here>>>

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