Make it a meadow – let your garden grow wild and wait for the natural magic to happen


Why are grasslands important? They are part of our cultural and natural heritage and are home to a wide range of wildlife including wild flowers, mushrooms, bees, flies, beetles, spiders, moths, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians. , small mammals, bats and birds. They also provide other environmental benefits such as carbon storage, water retention to prevent flooding and habitat for crop pollinators. However, many grasslands have been transformed into monocultures or grasslands, resulting in a decline in biodiversity and loss of species for bees and butterflies.

o, what can we do as gardeners? Just letting your lawn grow will create a meadow. Many gardens adjoining houses in areas where our country’s student population lives achieve this look very easily! A poorly maintained garden is a delight for wildlife as it allows for multiple habitats.

The gardens of abandoned properties are often healthy harbingers of thriving native wildlife, places of refuge for brilliant pollinating shrubs such as buddleias and lilacs.


Chris B. Hall

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