Meadow Foods to open new herbal factory


Meadow Foods is set to open a new £ 4million plant-based site to address what it sees as growing public interest in dairy alternatives.

The separate facility at the dairy company’s Chester site is expected to produce a range of “high quality” herbal ingredients.

The new range will build on the Meadow Foods product portfolio which was strengthened last year with the acquisition of Nimbus Foods.

The company is one of the European innovators and manufacturers of inclusions, decorations and toppings for the food industry.

While dairy would remain the “heart” of Meadow Foods’ business, CEO Mark Chantler has said he is keen to meet “demand” from his customers.

“We are excited to develop our capabilities to manufacture herbal products that extend the strength of our existing product portfolio,” he said.

“This move is a response to consumers choosing to change their lifestyle and purchase new products, as well as our customers’ demand for high quality, value-added plant-based ingredients.”

Mr. Chantler added: “Dairy products remain at the heart of our business and we will continue to explore strategic investments, partnerships and acquisitions that expand the range of quality products.

Meadow Foods operates from four sites in Chester, Peterborough, Holme-on-Spalding Moor and Dolgellau where they manufacture value-added ingredients.

The company currently employs more than 430 people and processes 550 million liters of milk each year from its network of milk producers.


Chris B. Hall

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