Meadow Hill Drive will be rebuilt and other transportation projects to know in December

Several road projects are underway in Frisco during the month of December. (Courtesy of Fotolia)

Here are two current transportation projects to watch for this month of December and one upcoming project starting in 2022 in Frisco.


1. Town and Country Boulevard Widening

The City of Frisco is working on a project that will widen Town and Country Boulevard from Spring Creek Parkway to Legacy Drive. The project is on track and on schedule, according to the November report from the City of Frisco Public Works and Engineering Departments. In early November, the contractor was working on the subgrade of the road to prepare it for concrete paving. The storm sewer on the south side of the road has already been installed, the report said.

Calendar: April 2021-March 2022

Cost: $4.7 million

Funding source: City of Frisco

2. Coit Road Widening

Crews are widening Coit Road from four to six lanes between A SH 121 and Main Street. The widening of the bridge deck in this area is now complete, and the contractor can now focus on a few items under and to the sides of the bridges. Tracing along the carriageway has been completed and all traffic lanes were opened in early November, except for small areas where median work is underway. Another phase of the project includes the widening of B Coit Road from Main to Buckeye Drive. The design of this part of this project is complete. At the start of work, crews will increase the carriageway from four to six lanes. Tenders for the project opened in mid-November.

Calendar: December 2020-early 2022

Cost: $7.2 million (from SH 121 to Main)

Funding source: City of Frisco


3. Reconstruction of Meadow Hill Drive

A Meadow Hill Drive reconstruction project is scheduled to begin construction in January. The timing is intentional to help avoid disrupting resident access during the holiday season, according to the November report from the City of Frisco Public Works and Engineering Departments. Meadow Hill Parkway from Rogers Road to Preston Road is expected to be under construction for 10 months. The project includes the addition of a 5 foot sidewalk along the north side of the roadway. The west side of the Meadow Hill and Preston intersection will also be rebuilt to include new turning lanes and changes to traffic lights. A new water main will be installed prior to construction on the north side of the road and sidewalk, the report said.

Calendar: January-October 2022

Cost: $3.3 million

Funding source: City of Frisco


Chris B. Hall