Paul Ketz Studio creates an indoor meadow with a collection of Springtime rugs


Photograph by Marcel Kamps.

They were on bicycles when inspiration hit Paul Ketz and Dilara Yesilova. Last spring, the founder of Paul Ketz Studio and his girlfriend, also a designer, were on a runway in Yesilova’s native Turkey when, pausing to catch their breath, they remarked: “It was like nature was waking up, ”Ketz recalls. “We were surrounded by meadows and fields of wild flowers and thought we could translate this landscape into a furnishing context. “

Photograph by Marcel Kamps.

Back in Cologne, Germany, Ketz’s studio is where Springtime Carpet blossomed. “The furniture for sitting or lying is usually clearly defined,” says Yesilova, “but our object mixes the properties of a daybed, a rug and a huge pillow.” Hundreds of 1 1/2 inch diameter foam extrusions are tied to a round wool felt floor. Most are covered in lime green cotton-viscose, but sometimes there are reds and yellows that represent flowers. When stretched out, the foam spheres cradle the user and gently decompress like blades of grass in a lush meadow. Fittingly, the piece is available in the spring.

Photograph by Marcel Kamps.

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