Quail Meadow resident makes TV appearance over high electricity bills | Way of life

Have you ever had a deadline to get an essay or other paper written and submitted? Also, at the same time, you can’t think of a thing to write about!

Well, that’s what happened to me this week. However, the television came to my rescue last Friday.

Watching FOX 35 News, there was an interviewee that I recognized. It was our very own Jack Linsky! Ocala doesn’t often make the headlines, so this was a treat! I spoke with Jack after the program ended and told him it was good to have ‘celebrity’ at Quail Meadow.

Jack, like many of us, is devastated by the huge increase in our Ocala Electric Company bill! Many of us have seen our bills double from last year at this time of year.

Jack was unable to get satisfaction on the cause of the raise, so he turned to FOX 35 for help! Jack was able to get an explanation for the increase: According to the power company, they had a very large increase in the cost of the natural gas that is used to power the system. With the cost of gas so high, according to the electric company, they had no choice but to increase what we the customers are charged.

The electric company says it will review its costs in September and maybe lower our bills (don’t hold your breath). We would like to thank Jack Linsky for making the power company and all of Central Florida aware of the problem.

By the way, Jack keeps records of electricity bills, so he was able to look back several years and compare costs.

Dont forget to vote ! Polling stations will open Tuesday, August 23 at 7 a.m. The voting location for Quail Meadow residents is Sweetwater Oaks Clubhouse.

Remember, the school year started last week, so watch out for kids and school buses. We don’t have any in our neighborhood, but they are on the main street that we use to get to various shops and restaurants.

August is a quiet month as far as clubhouse events go – no QMPOA meetings, no social events or committee meetings.

Chris B. Hall