Rare butterfly eggs discovered in Moredon prairie

Volunteers have discovered rare butterfly eggs in a wildflower meadow in Moredon.

The tiny spherical objects found on branches in Moredon Meadows next to Nova Hreod Academy belong to the protected Brown Hairstreak butterfly.

Central Swindon North Parish Council shared the exciting find on Facebook, highlighting the importance of green spaces in the city.

He said: “This confirmed breeding population indicates the importance of these wildflower meadows and associated dense blackthorn hedges.

“The brown hairstreak is only known from a few landscapes, and this find, together with a recent find at Moldon Hill Country Park, provides a link to a population in North Wiltshire (Braydon Forest).”

This is a high conservation priority as numbers are declining due to the removal of hedgerows and the annual blight, which removes the eggs.

It is protected by several laws including the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1891.

The parish council said they had decided to manage this meadow and protect these species and all species of butterflies on site.

He added that councilors are committed to doing all they can to support the biodiversity of the parish’s grasslands.

Chris B. Hall