Redbird Meadow Development Agreement Approved in Montgomery, First Homes Coming Fall 2023

A development agreement between the City of Montgomery and the Redbird Meadow Development was approved at the May 10 City Council meeting that will allow the Redbird Meadow Development to begin construction in the fall and build the first homes in the fall of 2023, according to the presentation.

The Redbird Meadow development comprises 390 acres for 550 homes in three phases, with the first phase having 180 homes, according to the presentation.

The development will require an off-site 12-inch water line connected to the city’s existing 8-inch water line, which would cost the developer $979,299, and the city plans to extend the force lines for the sewage on Old Plantersville Road from the development near the intersection of Old Plantersville Road and Rankin Road, which will cost $562,000, according to the agenda file.

The agreement provides for the city to provide water and sanitary sewer services to residents of the development, but the developer is responsible for the design and construction costs of internal water and sanitary sewer lines.

The construction of the water pipe is the first part of the development that needs to be done and will be completed in six months, according to the agenda file.

Council member Julie Davis was the only one to vote against the development agreement, saying there are ratepayers, including herself, already living in the city who don’t have access to city services.


Chris B. Hall