Roadside ‘vertical meadow’ planned as part of Baildon billboard redesign

A “VERTICAL meadow” could be installed on a street in Baildon as part of a curbside billboard improvement project.

A set of three billboards next to The Junction pub on the Otley Road area to be replaced by a single digital billboard on the same site.

But alongside the upgraded billboard, candidate Clear Channel UK plans to install a vertical meadow.

This would see a plant wall, including wildflowers, created below the billboard.

The app says: “As of 2021 grassland and other species-rich grassland now covers less than 1% of the UK.

“This is partly due to pressure on existing green space from developments and the cost of good quality new green space is high.

“Studies have shown the benefits of living close to nature, but many people are deprived of these benefits.

“Vertical Meadow is Clear Channel’s new green wall system that, when installed, will transform into a beautiful wildflower meadow directly below the digital panel.

“It will increase local habitat and biodiversity by creating spaces for native plants and flowers that attract wildlife.”

The app goes on to say that insect hotels or bat boxes could be added to this vertical grassland.

A decision on the request is expected at the end of next month.

Chris B. Hall