Spot coyotes in this lush prairie?

A photographer shared last week in Yellowstone National Park, showing a lush green meadow where two coyotes roam.

Can you spot the two animals? (One is easier to locate; the answer is revealed at the bottom of this article.)

Melvin Laurano took the image August 3 at dusk during a photo hunt for more iconic creatures in the park.

“Went to Hayden Valley before sunset hoping to see the wolf pack, but saw this pair of coyotes instead,” he told FTW Outdoors.

©Melvin Laurano

Laureano shared the image as a Yellowstone-themed quiz Facebook page. Several people said they spotted the two coyotes after zooming in on the image.

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Hayden Valley, which straddles the Yellowstone River, is a top destination for tourists looking to see wolves, bears and elk.

But coyotes, which are often seen in pairs, can be spotted anywhere in the park, especially in meadows and other grasslands.

Laureano said it was her first visit to the park and added, “I was so amazed by how beautiful it is.”

He said he hadn’t seen any wolves, but that’s a common refrain, as wolves often stay in cover and spotting them is usually a random proposition.

The image below shows the location of the two coyotes.

©Melvin Laurano

Chris B. Hall