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Lacey Larrick’s family had a bridal shop in Winchester’s Loudoun Street shopping center when she was growing up and it was a place she spent many days as a child.

Now, Larrick owns and operates Still Meadow Boutique at 17 S. Loudoun St., which is directly across the mall from the Old Bridal Shop.

Larrick said she learned a few tricks of the trade from her family along the way and consulted her aunt before deciding to open her own shop. That, combined with running the Apple Blossom Festival gift shop for the past two years, gave Larrick the push she needed to take the leap.

“It had always been in my head that I wanted a showcase, but I wasn’t really looking for it,” she said. “I just stumbled upon it and felt like it was the right decision to make. It was the perfect opportunity, and it was in a prime location. I’ve always loved the historic look, and the building I found was perfect for that.

Larrick’s business started in 2019 with a website and a few social media channels selling women’s clothing.

“I wanted somewhere I could go that was affordable and wasn’t big retailers,” she said. “I didn’t like all the styles they came out with, so I decided to open my own women’s boutique.”

She would list items on her site, then list them on social media and market through those channels, but she quickly found it was difficult to get the word out digitally.

“I’m still trying to grow in this area, but having the storefront really opened me up a lot,” Larrick said.

Larrick said when she decided to go into retail, she jumped in head first and started researching as many options as possible. Through this, she has found wholesalers to buy clothes from and is working to ensure they can be sold at a fair price.

It offers women’s sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

“I want to try to appeal to all sizes,” she said.

When she thinks back to those childhood days, strolling through her family’s bridal shop, Larrick said she could imagine owning something similar one day. Now that she has it, it feels natural, she says.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “Now I have another place I go to that I call my own – it’s like my second home, and I’m obsessed with it. It gives me the space and time I need to do this job and focus on my dreams.

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Chris B. Hall