Trafalgar Square has turned into a huge wildflower meadow

Trafalgar Square turned into a wildflower meadow for just one day. The iconic square in central London has been transformed as part of a public relations campaign until 8pm today.

It’s all part of a innocent drinks campaign in partnership with wildlife expert Ray Mears. Its aim is to raise awareness of the brand’s new carbon-neutral orange juice and its commitment to land conservation and to inspire Londoners to think about rewilding.

the Innocent Big Rewild has several rewilding projects across Europe, including planting 20,000 trees in Ireland and planting 64,000 square meters of orchards in the UK. But today they have set their sights on Trafalgar Square.

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Innocent Drinks is behind the rewilding

Westminster Town Square is usually home to beautiful fountains, Nelson’s Column and the iconic and much-discussed Fourth Plinth – but today plants are the talk of the town. Innocent added over 6,000 plants, trees and flowers to the place to transform it into a beautiful green paradise. Gardeners and horticulturists worked all night to create the installation and it’s only until 8 p.m. tonight.

In honor of its location, the green oasis even includes a lion made up of creeping plants and spring flowers. It’s a chance for Londoners to take a break from the city’s gray landscape, as Innocent will also be on hand to hand out seed papers. Once planted, they will grow in miniature wildflower meadows. Their aim is to distribute three million seeds in one day and visitors can even pick up a plant and bring it back to Trafalgar Square.

Even the lion has been recreated

Sam Akinluyi, Managing Director of Innocent Drinks, said, “Our Big Rewild campaign aims to show how we can use the power of nature for positive impact, while making urban communities and the planet healthier. Today’s installation marks the announcement of our commitment to fight climate change. From making our orange juice completely carbon neutral, to rewilding two million hectares of land by 2025, and growing and protecting 300 orchards across the UK. We hope this decision will inspire the nation to launch its own rewilding project. and we invite those who are not in London today to come to one of our regional events over the summer.”

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Chris B. Hall