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Simply put, in this column, I supported the Wolf Recovery Program which provided for a managed pack of 385 animals for the state of Wisconsin. I also support wolf hunting as part of a plan managed through our biologists at WDNR.

So I set up camp and my mood is excellent. I put on my waders, grab my 11-87 and go for a long walk to watch the day turn to night at a flowage I call home. I didn’t fire a shot, but I didn’t have any concerns.

Saturday October 16

This morning, I chose to watch night turn to day over the Meadow Valley Flowage. In the winter of 1991, I trained at night on the Meadow Valley Flowage to hike the Appalachian Trail. I carried a 7ft, 80lb oak log on my shoulder, and my then golden retriever, Ben, carried two gallon jugs of frozen milk in a bag. That spring we explored 1,244 miles of the TA together and I sent this handwritten column to my editor every week without fail.

This morning’s hunt went off without incident except I met Mike Grimm, his 11 year old son Kyle and his cousin Ed Smart in the swamp. We had a great conversation and it was very cool to meet three people who also have a deep love for this area.

This afternoon Ruby and I went exploring with hip boots, a compass and a 12 gauge. I wish we had more space, but part number one of this adventure would be the large scale flooded wood in because of a beaver population that is simply no longer managed due to falling fur prices. We did four miles and I was ready for anything from grouse to ducks.


Chris B. Hall

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